All Kayle Skins NEW and OLD Texture Comparison Rework 2019 (League of Legends)


All Kayle Skins NEW and OLD Texture Comparison Rework 2019 League of Legends

● 00:04 Classic Kayle ➞ 450 BE x 260 RP
● 04:18 Silver Kayle ➞ Colectors Edition
● 07:23 Viridian Kayle ➞ 520 RP
● 10:28 Unmasked Kayle = Transcended Kayle ➞ 975
● 13:35 Battleborn Kayle ➞ 975 RP
● 16:46 Judgement Kayle ➞ Limited Distribution
● 19:54 Aether Wing Kayle ➞ 1820 RP
● 24:43 Riot Kayle ➞ 975 RP
● 27:55 Iron Inquisitor Kayle ➞ 750 RP
● 31:03 Pentakill Kayle ➞ 1350 RP

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39 thoughts on “All Kayle Skins NEW and OLD Texture Comparison Rework 2019 (League of Legends)

  1. That Old Kayle is DISGUSTING!! Even her kit 😅 Sorry but not sorry…
    The only thing I like about her is her wings…. 😂

  2. Og Kayle reminded me of Samus from Metroid. Wearing a neutral armor without knowing who's wearing it. Shame they took it out completely

  3. The treatment Judgement Kayle recieved really symbolizes how much of a shit Riot gives about their oldest players.
    This skin is now impossible to get, quite rare and was only available for season 1 players, and it doesn't even get a fucking basic change of ability colors?

  4. I always play with silver kayle cause is rare and now It looks awesome! It’s my favorite!! Anyway I’ll miss unmasked kayle skin. I owe too and I love it too

  5. Yeah not using Aether wing Kaylee after the rework… Really sad as that was my favorite skin and I loved the aura on the blade with E active but uh… I guess times change or w/e Thanks Riot.

  6. riot kayle's ultimate and Q arent finished they still have the standard particles, doesnt match her E

  7. so a question… is it me or pentakill kayle in game has dark hair but in the skin icon she's blonde????

  8. I know I'm like the only guy left that really likes viridian, but really not a fan of the new version of that skin.

  9. Riot kayle was better before 🙁
    it changed a lot of things , but now it only changes da basic atack , His e i guess… and his pasive

    Edit : i regret about wat i said….the change dat she had its SUPA COOL

  10. So only aether wing changes particle effects now ? Especially for her ultimate ? And I guess pentakill too.

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