Avast Free Antivirus Review | Tested vs Malware

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Avast Free Antivirus is one of the most popular security solutions for home users, but how will it hold up against a test with over 1700 malware samples including ransomware, trojans and PUPs? Let’s find out!

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31 thoughts on “Avast Free Antivirus Review | Tested vs Malware

  1. I use it but the scareware gets annoying when I start it up other than that it’s a alright antivirus

  2. People just use kaspersky free antivirus. you install it then you forget it its even there. it does everything by its own and its smart enough to not to scan when you are running a heavy resource usage program already.

  3. oh yeah.. too much gets past avast.. not like before… superanti makes up the difference big timeeeee…

  4. sounds bogus to me… they really do that too. my pc did not beging to act up untillll after avast began to show me the you're not imagine it crappp… wwwooow!!!

  5. ammmmmen, avast does just that. which is the same thing super anti spyware warns about.. so i guess avast is real yet fake all at the same time.. they are wicked. gotta switch. they always come at me with this crap even after i paid for the prmium security package. a total con. on top of that…. alot gets past avast now.. their older version was way better. been looking for the last two weeks for a more honest protection that will not try to connnn me into paying more.

  6. I was about to pay for a subscription online with my debit card but then I saw that the security code doesn't get encrypted! That was a big red flag for me. So I opted for bank transfer, so I'm supposed to pay voluntarily – but after doing a search of Avast online and finding scam vids, I'll just leave it and wait for them to cancel my "subscription" at their end.

  7. Been using Avast free for a year. Recently scanned PC with hitmanpro, detected a trogan in system32, removed the virus, uninstalled Avast, and it corrupted Windows. Never use Avast again.

  8. hey can you please help me I'm trying to find a free antivirus for my gaming laptop but there is so MANY options its crazy.. thank you in advance

  9. I am not sure about update of these free antivirus softwares , furthermore bitdefender or kaspersky give you good deal so why we need to use free one if we have a good option for best protection . Forexample bitdefender $24 for 5 devices so is it valuable to have any risk by using free antivirus software https://upucuza.com/bitdefender-internet-security-2020-3-devices-1-yearbitdefender-antivirus-plus-2020-3-devices-1-year/

  10. Avast: Hey user.
    User: Yes?
    Avast: Want a better protection?
    User: Of course.

    Avast: Pay money

  11. I have been using Avast on 6-7 computers for years, the paid version. Have you seen any difference in the free vs paid versions? So far on the computers I don't directly manage, but are within the family I put Avast in "Hardened Mode" after the last 10 or so years none of the machines have had any malware. Is there much of a difference from normal and "Hardened Mode". I am an experienced computer operator, but never really given much thought to using different anti-malware programs since Avast has simply worked.

  12. theres these notifications that say update your anti virus, your mc afee has expired and i know its bullshit

  13. I like avast tbh. I only downloaded it for my mac because i had bing autodirect and they got rid of it so im thankful for that 😀

  14. This thing at the begging made made me get rid of the avast many years ago. I switched to Bitdefender and was amazed by how quiet and minimalist it was – as long as you don't have any problem on your system, you might forget that you have an antivirus, another great thing, they have instant support. We talked with them 3 times. One time when we needed to install it on one of our small office PC. I've read whole terms of use and was quite sure we can install the free edition on it (ok, I just did't want to uninstall it from my PC :P) but my colleague was not convinced and was citing me definition of "commercial use" from… TeamViewer's agreement… So I asked him to ask them if we could use it and they responded, even before he completed forming the question, that indeed we can use free edition. So I really started to love them… Unfortunately just recently when I became upset when I bought a new PC. First I've somehow installed the wrong version (i.e the payed one) – I might want to even go with the trial but I really didn't like the interface. It looks very messy compared to free edition, so I've uninstalled it and installed free edition – it looks good but imho the old interface looked much better, don't know why they changed it… So I have this version for a while with no problems, but just two days ago it blocked steam form updating beamngdrive – ok, not a big deal, didn't do anything with that so far, but I'm almost sure it was false positive… Now just today, the software was updated and I got strange popup. So I've contacted them on chat and again they were nice, but told me this was suspicious, and I need do a system scan… Scan found some minor threads, but more importantly the software blocked many legit pages, and browser was saying there is no https connection. So I contacted them again and after exchanging few words they told me that they will send me an email with instruction and program that will collect some data from my computer… I'm not happy with that, and I needed to ask several times before I was told what kind of data they want… I was also told that I cannot revert back to previews version of the software and only option I have in order to browse the pages is to turn the antivirus off. And this is the worst thing you can do to the user, update your software to new version without his knowledge an ability to revert it, when in best scenario it contains changes that you don't like and worst is that it simply stops working while you in the middle of the work… And even with installing this diagnostic software, the installation may not be a big problem, usually the problem is with uninstall…
    Anyway so I ended up without antivirus and I'm looking for new one and I must say I appreciate your review as others are mostly just jabbers and you will not learn from them things like this avast harassment, they just says it nice and accurate and has x,y,z… I hope I will find something similar to Bitdefender on your channel 🙂

  15. 2025 future:

    Avast detects virus
    clicks to resolve
    Avast shows to buy
    Pc: still with virus
    User: removes avast and installs Kaspersky and malwarebytes

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