Bakugan The Video Game Walkthrough – Episode 1


Bakugan The Video Game Walkthrough – Episode 1

We get things started with a tutorial.

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26 thoughts on “Bakugan The Video Game Walkthrough – Episode 1

  1. I remember when i played this game in playstation 2, i was a boy with my friend James playing Bakugan many hours.

  2. 17:28 Note, I what is going to happen, having played and beaten the ds version; but I will not spoil anything. 🙂

  3. God, I remember playing the DS version of this. And watching the first season of this. But I'm scared to go and watch it in case they've ruined it…

  4. Darkus bakugan are just plain badass. My team is darkus omega Leonidas 560gp, darkus lazerman 410gp, and darkus seige 370gp. Thoughts.

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