Dell P2317H LED Monitor Review

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Dell P2317H on Amazon:

This is my full review of the Dell P2317H LED monitor. Great value for money, great price with only one or 2 hiccups. Watch the video to find out more.

Find the unboxing and assembly video here:

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23 thoughts on “Dell P2317H LED Monitor Review

  1. for gaming i reccomend the sceptre 24 in curved 144hz monitor i have one of these dells ofr my second monitor…and i have two others for my girls setup

  2. 60hz is ENOUGH?

    how dareth thee thou peasant?

    refresh rate neededth shoustth beath thriple digit number. 144HZ!!!

  3. I don't think the lack of audio should be a demerit on the monitor. Dell's P series monitors are designed for office and workplace use, so having an audio out isn't a priority.

  4. 1.Is 6ms response time bad for gaming?
    2.Is there any ghosting or input lag?
    3.Can you tell me if the colours are vibrant with good contrast?

  5. Hello! Did you see any dead pixel (dark pixel) or Bleeding light (corners and low and high part of the screen with a lot of light on Black image)?

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