Destiny Child : First Impressions + 8100 GEM SUMMON !


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Come and Meet your “Destiny Child”

★ Attractive Childs who protect only for you!
: Challenge to be the best Master with Childs!
: Charming Childs will be with you for the challenges!

★ The special stories to stimulate your emotions!
: Variety of Childs live in Live 2D, and fascinating stories about each Child ..
: Check the stories of Childs at the Destiny Child now!

★ Simple play but full of fun!
: Defeat the opponent to attack weakness, and use the most powerful Drive skill!
: Fill the skill gauges and attack!, Fever Time!
: Simple play with various strategies!

★ Variety of contents that can’t be missed!
: Devil Rumble! Compete against other candidates!
: Underground! Challenge to your the limit!
: Event dungeon! Change themes every day!
: Explore! Adventure all around the world!

Enjoy the full voice of famous voice actors!


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42 thoughts on “Destiny Child : First Impressions + 8100 GEM SUMMON !

  1. This game and tales of erin are my main 2 games now..I used to play epic seven…but I think that game is going bye bye soon with the updates and content in the game..not to mention they got rid of the glory crest I had saved which was about 6000…and another game called cutie raid..but that game got shut down..but far as censorship goes..I wish you could play it uncensored..but I own uncensored pics of the game on my I cant complain much lol

  2. @FG3000 21:38 yooo I got the same guy on my first 5star pull and had the same reaction 😭😂😂💀💀💀

  3. If you’re curious who does the artwork… his name is Hyung Tae Kim. A South Korean anime artist who got his recognition for the ps2 game: MAGNA CARTA.

  4. I really question the decision to censor. Like who are they catering too? There is an obvious audience the game itself was designed for and all censoring does is put off some members of that audience. There has been a bad case of not knowing your target audience in the gaming industry lately xD "he who tries to catch two hares, catches neither" after all.

  5. I was waiting for this game to go global for so long. Now I'm waiting for my will to break and open up my credit card, and trust me, I am LOSING xD I want that Police girl so bad and they ain't givin it to me! xD

  6. I preregistered it because I preregister every game that comes up, and I tried it and I did not like it. I am a straight girl and I played a little and still deleted. I love miku but I just couldn't take it.

  7. Male roster is little to non-existent. And only a small few are hotties. Sad because the graphics are so pretty. But a definite skip for me.

  8. Good thing that the music group broke up more than a decade ago, or else this game's localization would mean a lawsuit lol

  9. Censorship should be a choice, not something forced down our throats.
    Just release the game with Censorship options.

  10. the only reason to play these games are for the melons, curved surfaces and such, otherwise no one would bother playing them, which means it's a bad game.

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