DESTINY CHILD | SO MUCH CONTENT! First Impressions Gameplay (iOS/Android)


Today we take a look at Destiny Child one of the most polished and jampacked mobile gacha games available! Check it Out!



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43 thoughts on “DESTINY CHILD | SO MUCH CONTENT! First Impressions Gameplay (iOS/Android)

  1. Destiny Child is an amazing F2P game.
    It does come at the cost that if you actually spend money it’s gonna be absurdly pricey to do so.
    Honestly like you I’ve never touched the paid options.
    But yeah, tons of waifus, some husbando to appeal to the ladies, and your standard monsters, and there’s always something interesting going on.
    In my time playing I’ve seen collabs with Hatsune Miku, Blazblue, Kemono Friends, and Dead or Alive, and that’s not even including the normal content.

  2. Oh an another anime gacha game.

    AAAnnnd Its a Turn Based RPG . I'll Pass for now, TBRPG bore the hell out of me.

  3. But the animation is awful… How dk you deal with that? If the paid for the illustrator to do just one extra picture for each character it would make such a difference.

  4. Am I the only one that came here because he saw it as an ad so many times in the past and wanted to know how it looks?

  5. The fuck is a waifu? I feel so clueless lol. I see an ad for like Japanese semi-porn game…turns out it's a card collecting game or something? Mobile gaming has passed me by!

  6. Is it globally out? I mean i did download it, but crashed instantly. Any video with tips for starters? So i dont have to make 2 accounts 😀 The combat looks a bit dull trough.

  7. great looking game except you look like a total douchbag as the main character.. good grief..i have to be him?

  8. I saw this ad too and I’m very impressed. I’ll install it after I get a new phone for I don’t want to deal with the old current phone.

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