Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?"


Karak reviews Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers for PS4.
Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers is out now for PS4 and PS3

I am not one of those bigger gaming website no 2 minute reviews here only details.

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23 thoughts on “Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?"

  1. I'm looking for Dynasty Warriors that can surpass seven Dynasty Warriors 7 to me is the best one or was it 8 not sure but you get to kill all your enemies

  2. I love Dynasty Warriors but only love it when you're allowed to Kill All Enemies some of them the enemies just keep coming you don't get to kill them all you just have to pass the mission

  3. I use to play alot of Sangokushi Sōsōden, it is still my favorite three kingdoms tactic game of all time. How can Koei make something like this which isnt even close to a game they made 20 years ago?

  4. Dynasty Tactics 1 was the best. This is like shitting through a rainbow colored wound onto a anime girls face and everyone is shouting "kawaii", stop killing games with pedophile anime bullshit!

  5. This looks lackluster compared to the original Dynasty Tactics. I really wanted a new Dynasty Tactics, but this game looks visually lazy and not a lot of depth. Thank you for the review

  6. Seriously, I wish you could review every game to the extent that you do with this formula. You have enlightened me and saved my ass on so many occasions.

  7. The makers of dynasty warriors have got to be the laziest ever! They just keep rehashing the same game over and over. Such a shame when they started out so well. I got hours of enjoyment out of 2 and 3.

  8. I really like the characters of this game I hope when DW9 releases I wish they made Warriors Orochi 4 with Samurai Warriors 4 and Spirits of Sanada characters and Dynasty Warriors 9 characters and Godseekers characters and Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate characters and a new whole story with all those games in one like they did in ultimate with dead or alive etc..

  9. It blows my mind that someone would consider buying dross like this over, say, the game next on ACGs list : Nioh. O_o

    What a world, what a world.

  10. I was finally getting a PS4 and I overheard about this game and came here…….. I know one game getting removed off my list I'ma just get dynasty warriors 8 XL and maybe empires and wait til 9

  11. turn based?! the fun for me was riding my trusty auburn steed into an impossibly huge crowd of dudes and pulverizing them. a satisfaction no other game gave me but turn based takes that away wtf

  12. i like Koei.. but for the past years they have been releasing one shit game after another, they didnt release a decent Romance of the 3 kingdoms since XI, and it was my favorite franchise from KOEI.. I guess they have to find something new, maybe they are trying to make a game similar to Dynasty Tactics, which was pretty decent.

  13. sigh this could of easily been dynasty tactics 3…. but no i really hope dw9 doesnt fuck itself in the ass going open-world…why is every game going open world, i dont want a open world of empty-stuff to do-cough cough dragon age:I/Farcry 3/4/primal

  14. I honestly dont' understand why to be so critic…
    Is a Dynasty Warriors game?Good.
    Has a turn based system like the true gamers always wishes?(Turn based all the life for me?=GREAT
    It has a japanese graphics with OUTSTANDING face of the characters when they talk?GREAT.
    Have they finally finished to make another DW in 30 frame?WONDERFUL!(For me Berserk is an insult because his 30 abomination to second,I never buy a DW game in 30 frame)
    The rest,is only little details:this is enough to say that this is an OUTSTANDING game.The only bad thing:is only digital,this game deserves a Limited Edition like Star Ocean V Collector's Edition(for me is a super videogame,I don't care what says the critic of fanbase on the last SO)

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