Elon Musk, Texas governor discuss potential Tesla move

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Yahoo Finance’s Emily McCormick joins Seana Smith to break down the latest details regarding a possible relocation of Tesla’s electric vehicle assembly plant to Texas.
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27 thoughts on “Elon Musk, Texas governor discuss potential Tesla move

  1. I’m glad she’s just calling balls and strikes “The drama that’s unfolding with Elon musk opening the factory too early!” Lol

  2. Tesla as all big auto companies do, will have its largest plants in the nation that has the most car sales. CHINA
    China buys more EV's than the rest of the world totalled together. Ya.
    Companies go where the money is, That's why Volkswagen, Toyota, GM, Ford, BMW etc etc all build in China.

  3. Waiting an extra week to appease a solitary recalcitrant bureaucrat would cost Tesla literally a quarter billion dollars. Anyone who thinks Tesla is being unreasonable by not waiting an extra week doesn't know the first thing about reality.

  4. All of this because he didnt want to wait a week, what a clown, he could have used those 7 days to raise his son

  5. I hope we let Tesla leave. We don’t need companies like Tesla. Pure garbage. Imagine working for a company that cares more about making money than your life. Go, Tesla. Please go.

  6. Let him move. He’s a con man. Looking out for his own interest and saving himself billions in income tax as the company hits benchmarks and his compensation targets. Greed is the game here and it’s his greed calling the shots.

  7. So Elon Musk can give the big middle-finger to all his workers, and crash-and-burn over in Texas while he shouts how all the doctors and nurses are FASCISTS for daring to try to save lives in a pandemic he clearly refuses to wrap that prodigious autistic mind of his around. Narcissism mixed with autism gets ugly when the boy-wonder cant have his way. Elon is realizing that his results fall FAR short of his promises, and Wall Street is catching on. Elon under the hotlights and showing his true colors, and they are ugly. What an ugly boy-genius tantrum this dead-eyed sociopath is giving us. SHADDAP, Elon, with your whinng about emergency orders. When an outbreak happens in his overpriced ugly vehicle factory, perhaps ol Elon should be brought up with manslaughter charges, along with every other scofflaw, who puts profits over public health and his workers. He only cares about Elon, otherwise he wouldnt be having his capitalist hissy fit about moving to texas and leaving all his workers in CA high and dry. AND – these are workers he expects to put their lives on the line for him by returning to his ugly-truck factory as he threatens to put the out of work because little elon cant have his way. AND he has enough money to abide by the quarantine emergency orders. THE man is exposed for being what he is, a narcissistic, self-important dead-eyed sociopath with more bluster than results. SAD ELON – NOT winning.

  8. Wear a mask Musk, and thank you for reminding everyone that no amount of money makes people happy, because obviously you are never happy. Sell all your possessions like you said and instead of moving to Texas or Nevada move to Wuhan China where you belong. And when you are not happy over there move to Mars together with Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Hugh Heffner. Just the 6 of you stay there forever so you can talk about your insecurities that make you want more and more but are never happy.

    Frankly I don’t know why people buy Teslas. They are the ugliest cars on the road, specially the cybertruck. My 5-year-old kid could come up with a much better original design. I guess people that buy Teslas are the same type of people that wear tore up jean with holes just because everyone is using them. Collective blindness numbness.

    The only constructive thing in Teslas is the 0 emissions which I support for a better cleaner air future, but I rather buy a true American 100% electric car like the coming electric Ford Mustang GT or a Mustang Mach-E or the coming Fisker from LA or NeuronEV from Irvine California or some other American or maybe even European electric vehicle. My point is that there are other much better options already.

  9. Elon Musk spent months trying to negotiate – unsuccessfully – with California.

    Then, "suddenly", "out of nowhere", all of his CA properties are up for sale? 🙂

    It wasn't until the lawsuits against Alemeda County began – including a major national law firm – and, after the story went viral – that CA reluctantly began to negotiat in good faith.
    Plus a Fremont move was inevitable, in any case.

    iow, an unelected creature in Alemeda County just moved up the timeline, is all. 😉
    Fremont is a repurposed facility, inefficient compared to the new gigafactories – no longer required to ship cars to China – it's now in the wrong location to service American consumers effectively, etc.

    Expect Fremont to reopen, temporarily, while Musk secures a new site in another state.

    Tesla has already proven they can build a gigafacory and have it operational w/i a year.

    Tesla also has $8 billion in cash, on hand.

    Enough to at build at least three or four gigafactories, with some cash leftover.
    Oh, btw, Musk doesn't negotiate with terrorists, and he doesn't make empty threats or promises.
    Fremont operations moving out of California is now inevitable.

  10. So we all moving to Texas, even me and I'm Canadian. Once we settle… WE EXPAND!!!!!!!!

    1 AMERCIA…..
    Elon Musk for president of all North America

  11. Yes please do ! California needs to sink with all their high taxes. Also your factory workers if they move to Texas just refrain from voting. That way you don’t damage the state of Texas.

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