Everything Wrong with Minecraft Lava! | The Science of… Minecraft


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The world of Minecraft is vast and right now we have plenty of time to explore it. Today, Austin is diving head first into the hot – or maybe not so hot – pools of Minecraft lava! Lava is one of the craziest things in the Minecraft world because when you look at it closely it makes NO SENSE! Get ready to have your brain melted!

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20 thoughts on “Everything Wrong with Minecraft Lava! | The Science of… Minecraft

  1. did you know that pippenfts a youtuber and a lot of other people are trying to remake the earth 1 to 1 scale in minecraft just a few months into quarantine were replacing the outside world

  2. You forgot how you can just fall 300 blocks from the sky, fall in lava, quickly get out, hop in a tiny pool of water and live to tell the tale.

  3. Hmm if we can't destroy those items that are made by that nether ore whatever you call it thing by using lava then… HOW THE HECK ARE THEY GETTING DESTROYED BY TNT WHEN THEIR SUPER THICK NOT EVEN LAVA CAN DESTROY THEM.

  4. the Minecraft pokemon mode is in Minecraft itself! here:
    Cactus beats: Netherite
    Netherite beats: lava ( by surviving in it too long and cooling the lava )
    Lava beats: Cactus

    This is Minecraft's pokemon laws!

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