Honda DN-01 video test


MCN’s 2009 longterm test fleet includes the unconventional-looking Honda DN-01. It’s an automatic with cruiser geometry, a 680cc v-twin engine and shaft drive. So far so odd – but what’s it like to ride? Watch the video to find out.

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32 thoughts on “Honda DN-01 video test

  1. 60mph did you say? I really appreciate that this bike makes it easier for anyone to drive it, despite what the purists say, but only 60mph?

  2. I love this bike just for the looks….different…but the fucking price HELL NO.
    i rather go with aprilia mana 850 gt.

  3. purists will moan & groan, but automatic transmission motorcycles have a market, and are coming down the production line in ever greater numbers.

    that said, yes – this model is overpriced & garish. but, it's a testbed. the chassis has redeeming value, just need to strip out all the plastic and turn this into a cruiser.

    with Ridley going bankrupt, someone is going to step in and take over…

  4. I like the idea of an auto transmission. But I'm not crazy about the looks, no place for storage, and I might like a little bigger engine. I've had two Suzuki Burgman 650 scooters and they are FAST. I cruised one day at 105 MPH for 95 miles without letting off. So I'm sure this 680 cc engine will go too…and the transmission is a real automatic, unlike the Burgman which uses a belt drive. But why not make it look just like a cruiser?

  5. @EpiDemic117 Stop being racist. you honestly think your doing the U.S a favor by playing into there hands of another.

  6. Where is the tolerance of the past. We are all on two wheels so what is the difference. Biking since 1956. 86 different bikes and still riding . Just enjoy it
    Crossed the USA twice, and Canada . They do have twisties I can assure you .
    Just done 3000mls through the alpes and back. Nice bike and I would have one but not on its own as I would need the shift gears.

  7. @davidstowe358 But you guys have to pay different taxes based on the displacement of your vehicles engines. Hah don't even try to compare the shitty road systems U.K to the U.S. and while you are at it you might as well go and complain to your shitty government about it.

  8. Its a gay ass hammer head shark with wheels..Man the only real reason why they even made such a bs bike is because,a bunch of idoits in the world dont know how to put the bike in N when they come to a stop..They think you have to hold the clutch down the whole time..What can this do in a 1/4? got to a 20second bike..Hell with this man..Honda gets thumbs down on this model..They was doing alright til they came out with this..

  9. looks like a very good bike. but i'd prefer it to have the traditional clutch lever rather than the plus and minus button to change gear when set to manual mode. but this bike is really cool. not a big fan with the low fairing as well.

  10. i'm italian and an africa twin owner,but i think that this bike is interesting,'cause like slayer said it's good to know that there's also an auto bike (in europe there is also the aprilia mana there's in america too?) that can be a good choice for people that get has some handicaps or just doesn't want a classic gear system

  11. CBR1500XX

    Make something the masses will actually WANT to buy! Stupid Honda… When was the last time Honda made anything to compete with the Hayabusa or the ZX14? Concourse? Oh wait! Bold new Graphics! I forgot…

  12. that is the biggest scooter I have ever seen. Would be cool if more people rode bikes, but most people drive cars and this just ends up being an over priced odity.

  13. It might be fun to ride. It would deffinately be different. Of course i like to ride scooters and motorcycles both.

  14. It is clearly not a scooter; you are not sitting "inside" it, like you would on a scooter. But it sure looks weird.

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