Malwarebytes 4 Review | Tested vs Malware

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Malwarebytes 4 has been redesigned inside and out. In this review, it is tested vs over 1500 malware samples including ransomware, PUPs, trojans etc. in a pro-active scenario.

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41 thoughts on “Malwarebytes 4 Review | Tested vs Malware

  1. Do you have any plans to add worms into the party at some point? (I am aware those can actually be dangerous, as those can spread via networks and do not need to be run). There were several worms causing global issues.

  2. A client of mine got hit with GoGoogle Crypto Virus while using Defender and MalwareBytes Prem, both Defender and MWB Prem where disabled and mass encryption followed, I have no trust in MWB Prem anymore.

  3. I have malwarebytes premium which I have had for years and it has not failed me yet. Saved me countless times from malicious links and files. I use avast too but I find that it's a bit slower than MB when it comes to blocking stuff from executing or downloading.

  4. I have always used, for several years now, a Kaspersky Internet Security + Malwarebytes combo and it hasn't failed me yet.

  5. I find it very strange that people are defending Malwarebytes when it clearly failed the test which it should have passed as Malwarebytes themselves claim a lot of things with their software, obviously if you cannot defeat malware which is in your name then LOL.
    A software is meant to do its job, if it fails then its no good at its job, it does not matter if the testing done was not a realistic scenario or not, there software that have passed this test so this form of argument was bound to fail, just like Malwarebytes.

  6. really the only reason is that i dont like malwarebytes is that they only offer only scanning for the free version, but i do understand that you have to pay for some things
    still, kaspersky and other AVs do much better against malware + they offer a ton of security for free, sooo malwarebytes isnt really the best anymore :/

  7. Actually tbh this won't really happen in the real world lmao. I won't be expecting 100+ viruses to execute at once therefore you are 99% guaranteed safe just using a regular antivirus.

    These kinds of AV testing ain't really focused on real situations, you have to be so dumb on the internet to get a very dangerous virus.

  8. Do you have any test with Real Time Protection Turned On? I mean, if you are screwed with any virus like that, the best option will always be a clean format (for common people, of course, not servers or other drives that can't be formatted). I will share my experience with that: once I disabled Bitdefender to install a crack (my fault, ok, sorry!) and the virus simply uninstalled Bitdefender and completely disabled Windows Defender and even prevented me from reinstalling both! Not to mention my PC just turned into a piece of s***, overheating, slow… Windows update also was off, and every time I tried to reinstall Bitdefender I got an error message. Then I installed Avast, then AVG, then Kaspersky… but none of them found the virus, and it was still running! The only one who found and removed it was Malwarebytes. That was a coinminer virus and another one that stole a some of my personal data, including email password, credit card info, they even tried to purchase things with my card! And after MB removed the virus I could install Bitdefender again. But at the end of the day, I had to do a clean format to be 100% sure there was nothing left on my PC. Malwarebytes at least cleaned the virus and I could perform a safer backup before formatting… but the lesson here is: if you turn off the Antivirus to run a suspicious file, there's no way to be sure you're safe anymore. If it is an "effective" virus, antiviruses will not matter anymore, no matter how good they are . And now, I just bought Malwarebytes (mainly to support it because it kinda saved my ass) and I want to know if it is a good tool for real time protection (only premium has this function). Don't get me wrong, your tests are amazing and have their purpose, but for me and for other people, the best thing to know about antiviruses is how good they perform with real time protection on. If you turn off you AV software like that, there's no way to know you're safe. I'm never turning off real time protection like that.

  9. This is not a pro-active scenario. You had to turn off the real-time protection to get the samples on… This is more like installing an AV after already having been infected by viruses/malware. You're effectively removing (a) layer(s) of their protection. This is not a real-life attack vector!
    And I'm not saying this as a fanboy. I recently uninstalled MWB due to DNS and performance issues. (Resolving host… in Chrome took ages + after some time apps would not start anymore, forcing me to reboot).

  10. Malwarebytes seems to get legitimately worse with time. This is most definitely not a good look for the software, regardless of how the shills want to condemn the testing format.

    If your software can't do what several other products this channel has tested can, then that's a clear sign of inferiority.

  11. Thank Leo, Just curious , how do you get these files to test ? We are evaluating few solutions and we need to test it.

  12. Test Segurazo antivirus. Its a ”virus” antivirus but would be fun to see how it performed haha 🙂

  13. I am shocked! Usually Malwarebytes has a high reputation. Then again I know it's not anti-virus software. I'm glad to know their product is full of flaws compared to Kaspersky and Bitdefender

  14. Malwarebytes performs just fine preventing. The key is having it turned on when malware comes knocking at the door

  15. Malwarebytes is a mess and trash despite promoting and paying others to say a good word about it. Tried 3 years since just discontinued since 2020. Most of the results will be false positives and PUPs and miss Trojan and spyware. Plus despite reporting a certain software to be allowed via settings of detected to run or crack or patch or or activator when blocked via notification down right, it still reblocks them again and again. I tried premium and free both and used till December 19 with new UI. But their system and customer service is trash and completely unapologetic. I wouldn't personally recommend it . Instead go with something that's promising and does the job as it has done before. Even Malwarebytes mobile app is crap.

  16. Malwarebytes can detect malwares but can't able to fight against them.

    That's Why you are using it as a scanner not as the protection software.

  17. Malwarebytes used to have different scans, so you Quick Scan, Threat Scan and Deep Scan? I think.. I hadn't updated my Malwarebytes and run a deep scan and ticked all checkboxes, it found 2 threats but the scan didn't complete (took too long that my PC went to sleep and stopped the scan), it asked me to update and I decide maybe it will do a better job if it was up to date.. and maybe the scan will be better and faster. Updated and found it had much less options for scans.. ran the scan anyway, it was very quick and found nothing, so I know it doesn't scan everything. Terrible update.

  18. It seems that Hitman Pro is the best overall AV. Leo always use it as reference as high level quality.

  19. If the virus can't get passed without you shutting it down first, this review isnt complete. Show us how well these programs protect us under actual use. From us downloading said virus to executing it. Not you sneaking viruses in.

  20. yeah, the newer Malwarebytes i noticed a big difference, it just does not do the job. I just stop using all Anti-Viruses programs, and i tell ya my system runs better. But if you don't know what Ur doing then i do Recommend you have some type of Anti-Virus program till you Learn how to use Ur computer

  21. The latest 4.1.28 doesn't have ANY of what you're showing at the 30 second mark. Have you had the same problem? Trying to custom scan my external drive and Malwarebytes tech support totally sucks giving me info on v3!!!!

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