My Larva Season 2 – Android Gameplay HD


– The world best comic animation “Larva” exported in 100 countries all over the world has come
into smartphone game!
– Slapstick comic actions of world best comic duo Yellow & Red and pleasurable sound would make you feel
Larva as the most exciting game!!
– From highly addictive mini-games to various decorations to dress up stylish larva!
Special interaction with larva through just one simple touch!
Game Features
My Larva?
You can meet “Larva” which are animation characters through smartphone! mobile phone
◆ Mini Game
You can feel the ultimate fun via highly addictive mini-games!
① Clap Clap Clap
Match the same image card as fast as you can! Draw all the images on your mind!
② Whack Whack Whack
Come on Violet! You are dead now~ Whack the Violet as fast as you can!
③ Love Love
Bubble date with lovely pink romantically!! Avoid blocks and united with Pink making love point!
◆ Cute and lovely items!
Various food items from sausages to pudding which Larva love to eat!!
Splendid decoration items to dress up stylish Larva!!
◆ One Touch Interaction
You can interact with Yellow and Red through simple tapping!
◆ Splendid Events!
We are all packed with gorgeous event. Check this and get your gift!
How to Play Larva excitingly
* Energy gauge would be filled up when you feed Larva!
– You can play fantastic mini-games after filling up the energy gauge
* Play mini-games and Compete with Your Friends in Ranking System!
– You can feel so much fun when you play with your friends!
– Go into the mini-game rankings! You can receive bonus reward after the mini-game result!
* Splendid Decoration Items
– Each decoration items have their own function such as EXP up.
* Heart Friends
– Make friends via network system and give love & lay a fart to your friends!
– You can also get extra coins when you visit your friends’ Larva!
* Missions That Can’t Be Missing
– Gain your EXP, coin, rare items after completed daily missions and the long-term missions
* Interaction with Larva
– You can see a variety of comic facial expressions of Yellow and Red when you touch them in different ways
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28 thoughts on “My Larva Season 2 – Android Gameplay HD

  1. I cannot download this app.Video,What happen?They are so hot,but Yellow.This video is hotter,but it don't have it on season 1.That's from Season 2.

  2. Am the master of pang pang pang my score was 879,456,367 it took me 8hours look me that my favorat was pang pang pang its so hard but i really get more higher scores my lowest score in pang pang pang minigame is my larva is 15,345

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