Revelation Online in 2019: Is it Worth Your Time?


⌖ Revelation Online in 2019: Is it Worth Your Time?


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⌖ Man it’s been a while since I last dove into Revelation Online. Like, 2 years? 2 and a half years? And.. not much has changed, unfortunately.
MrsStix and I were feeling a little.. nostalgic, see, Revelation was an MMO we both played shortly before getting together. It was an MMO we never got to experience with one another.
Yet we both had fond memories of a beautiful world filled with things to do and places to explore.
With this in mind, we decided it was a great opportunity to download the game and try it out together – see how it plays in 2019, going into 2020.

These are my thoughts and impressions on the way to.. level 40? level 41?

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28 thoughts on “Revelation Online in 2019: Is it Worth Your Time?

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  2. I actually invest a lot of money in this game (like thousand)but they ruing it so badly with pvp contests (more like a pay to win race)i had a guild teammate with (10.000 E) put in this game at that time !!! how far can the greed go?!!! so at the end im sorry i guess im one of those who helped ruing it by making them more greedy!!!

  3. Revelation Online’s Treasure Hunt Event Is Under Way

  4. I was about to check it out again. But basically everything you covered is what I remember about it. I don't even remember if I hit level 50.

  5. Yeah I remember playing this game in Beta and loving the hell out of it, but sucks. I just found old videos so I was looking into it again to see if it got better, but I guess it got worse. lol I got hacked and they had to have gotten hacked themselves, I remember at the time there was mass hacking and a lot of people upset about getting hacked. They blamed it on me not putting a pin on my stuff, but it's extremely annoying to have to put a pin in every time you wanted to access your stuff so I didn't do it. I never logged into anything online, I wasn't phished, they totally (as a company) got hacked.. And I did invest money into the game and it was taken from me. They never replaced it or anything.

  6. Will game devs ever come to an understanding that p2w is the lethal move for any f2p mmorpg? Do they just know the amount of money they could have made if they didn't make those stupid decisions? 😐

  7. Will game devs ever come to an understanding that p2w is the lethal move for any f2p mmorpg? Do they just know the amount of money they could have made if they didn't make those stupid decisions? 😐

  8. Does the game have locked classes, meaning I can only play that loli girl as a Spirit Shaper like BDO does with Shai and Tera does with multiple classes? I hate it when developers do that, removing the power of choice for players.

  9. "group size requirement on dailys" literally mentioned one of my biggest deal breakers first. Awesome. Soild video Thank you!

  10. the company is probably run by muslims, that was my expierience in the game, the leaders of most big guilds have muslim connection, items are prevented "strong books" to get into hands of nonrich people. that scale of dishonesty, together with the rules, that you cant write in the world without pay for speech, you have to level to level 15 to write a mail, wich sense does that make please? the developers of the game are pure controlfreaks. rich vs pure is the rule here, i deleted my chars because im not a millionäire, you get nothing in each dungeon, all the time and effort is wasted you do. if a new addon come, fine, sound nice in theory, but since you need to pay at least 3000 dollar for a good equip and get nothing in the dungeon, you are always a loser without pay it per update. good luck with that everyone, they closed the forum for a reason. they dont like all the justified negative comments and surpress freedom of speech. i truely advice everyone, to speak against playing that game. its highly organised, rich vs poor based ptw or free2lose game. who like wasting lifetime for a company, who lie to playing in their own forums to get them to pay into the game, should play it. its free2play they say, another term like play2lose or paytobegay. every lead in bid guilds is muslim, just to say it again. muslims get high ranks, other zero. since i played the game, i dont like muslims anymore, i am not racist, but they show the worst thing in humans, everything what is negative you see in them and that is not something i want spend my time with.

  11. thanks to the comments i wont be playing this game at all. Thanks for letting me know not to waist my time in this game.

  12. i hate people who say its p2w! bro at max lvl you get the same gear just like the one who paid, just the one who paid for the game will grind faster than you nothing else

  13. The game started in beta still a beta as if it was "finished" and died as a beta 🤔 pun not intended but 🤣🤣

  14. This game had sooooo much potential. I remember playing when it first launched and even paid for early access. Was fun for like a bit but with all the problems we encountered, my friends and I called it quits. I'm actually shocked that it's still up and running.

  15. It's a real shame. I like MMOs but I come across this all too often. These dead world MMOs that were very obviously cool until the community died and then the only way to play them is to gather 5 buddies that hopefully stick with it long enough to get something out of it. Oh well. It would help if these games at least noticed that they were dead and then rescaled themselves to, if nothing else, play like a single player RPG. These games fall into the void and you couldn't know the tale or see the world even if you wanted to after a time and that's kind of sad.

  16. Im playing this game since 2 years now and i still will play this a while longer.
    P2W…yes, of course there are things u can spend ur money on, but u also can buy the Cashshopcurrency with ur ingamecurrency and on top u also get them while doing some Guildevents-and more coming with the next update. But there is nothing Shop only except for Mounts,Wings etc (but they r not p2w) Sure some things r hard to get but its not impossible.
    The Point,why this Game is empty,is the Publisher…Revelation is doing great in Russia and China…
    The game itself is great…the combat is fast and smooth if u start cultivating ur Skills…Some classes like Sin,Mage or Blademaster r like rabbits on Drugs if u want to.
    But EU/NA got My.Com as Publisher and they r not able to fix anything. It seems like they r a bunch of people who dont even know where or how to update Windows.
    "We r sorry for [insert what it is this time]" seems to be their slogan. Another Publisher who knows how a MMO works and how to fix/apply/change things – and the servers would been "full"…
    There r so much retired players who r looking into this game again from time to time because they loved to play it…
    But for new players : yes, the leveling phase is annoying…boring…and long…

  17. Lvl 20 resorting to group dungeons is unthinkable this is why we need more solo focused content in mmos or atleast more till later lvls

  18. Good game, plays well. But I'm 40 and my server is a desert. I saw someone the other day, lol. Surprised me.

  19. it was very fun game but really pay to win and dailies start to become routine and you need decent party to do everything.cant do anything alone for real.even if you find party you need people to carry raid.gets boring depending on others so much at some point.they dont get you to party or kick you if you are can get decent maybe if you pay and invest lots of time but no way to become decent without paying.dungeons are limited.

  20. I stopped playing RO because I realized I was doing nothing but Dailies and guild wars, making the game experience a pure grind for me. While the game looks beautiful, you don't have as much control as before, especially over character creation. It's a shame; the game could have been so much better than it was.

    I prefer Star Trek Online which has, among other things, a crazy amount of character customization and the ability to exchange in-game refined dilithium for the publisher's currency, zen, to buy things you would need real money to buy in other games.

  21. cosmetically its probably the best MMO out there with the pets/wings/mounts/outfits/etc and the afk town shop brings a nostalgic charm that is missing from alot of MMOs. However none of that matters because gameplay is kinda dogshit. the hybrid system was a mistake. if they just made it full action combat the game would have done ALOT better.

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