Revelation Online in 2019


Revelation Online. If you know.. you know. This MMORPG played a huge part in the growth of this channel and the feelings I have for MMORPGs and publishers today.

I very much enjoyed covering this game back in the day. I thought it would be the next big thing for those of us thirsting for a new eastern MMO to play. However, all that was crushed during CBT when the P2W cash shop was revealed. Like many others, I left the game and never looked back. I never really spoke about what happened afterwards because I didn’t want to destroy an entire MMORPG or hurt the people who chose to stay but years later I think it’s finally time to speak on it.. and take a look at the game in it’s current state.

Even playing it now, I very much miss this game and would love to jump back in. Just sucks what happened.

Huge thank you to LeWraith for editing and creating the intro for this video!

Song used – Direct – Lark (monstercat)
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