Silver Kayle Skin Spotlight – Pre-Release – League of Legends


This is a teaser spotlight of Silver Kayle with ingame gameplay!
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Skin name is CONFIRMED as Silver Kayle, particles & SFX may not be final.
Check out the other skins in this cycle.

Full Skin Spotlight will be released in the near future which will go more indepth.

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48 thoughts on “Silver Kayle Skin Spotlight – Pre-Release – League of Legends

  1. They totally destroyed this skin. Looks absolutely terrible. Really disappointed as it was one of my favorites.

  2. Why do you guys keep releasinf vids for a skin that majority of ur players dont have i keep hearing that you guys only gave the skin to persons who purchased original retailers version of league. Well hear this ive been with league since it started and what have i ever gotten absolutely nothing but a buggy client and skin purchases that go up every year. Someone like me will mever see this skin in live play BECAUSE NO ONE HAS IT! SO WHY SHOW IT TO US. If riot counts the amount of money i spent on this game its more than the original retailers version… i found out about league by sheer dumb luck and ive been pkaying with you all ever since! Right now its not fair to say the skin can only be given to a few when there are pkayers like me whose practically been with you all since the start.

  3. When you can only get the skin with the collectors edition CDROM of league, and riot doesn't even bother to give it effects that match the skin.

  4. New skins are sooo awesome. Riot and Aether Wing count as the best, but they loock like pieces of shit next to Silver and Judgement

  5. soooo hold on a second, they take the time to update exiled morgana's effects properly. but silver kayle is still default kayle's chroma? as in no silver effects???? HUH???

  6. When I saw this splash art I saw this skin with a giant back trail and a long front piece and her gaming the helmet threw out her levels but in game not that cute kinda meh

  7. the wings look like poo.. they dont flap; its like someone holding their arms above their head doing the wave.

  8. It's such a shame that a good skin is being barred from 99% of the player base just because of some exclusivity binding contract that keeps them from releasing it to the public. I feel sorry for all the designers involved with this skin as their hard work won't be appreciated as much as this skin deserves.

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