Sporty Chic Lookbook | How to Dress Sporty Yet Girly

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This video is all about sporty chic looks and outfit ideas. I show you my take on dressing sporty yet girly in this lookbook. Enjoy!

Adidas Superstar Shoes-

Look 1:


Jacket #2-

Look 2:



Look 3:


Look 4:
Trench Coat-



Look 5:



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33 thoughts on “Sporty Chic Lookbook | How to Dress Sporty Yet Girly

  1. I love your outfits! I plan on ordering the Denim Jacket from Forever 21 but I can't tell what color you're wearing as the pictures on the website look different. Did you get the medium or dark denim color?

  2. I love this! I've always loved that style of wearing girly dresses with sneakers and a oversize jacket. Perfect combo of girly and sporty, in my opinion. Great video as always Naomi!!

  3. Hi Naomi, its Shanell. I absolutely enjoyed this video. Can you make a video about pencil skirts? Thanks in advance! Will talk to you soon.

  4. I know you did a workwear video already but do you think you could another one? Your style is amazing and I need help!! 😊

  5. Hi Naomi! On point "again" as "always" lol
    btw… would you please pretty please do a video on how to combine and style a "guy's dressed shirt" as in my case… a "hubby shirt". he he he he he
    I have worn the shirts kinda "my way"…. but I would love to see "your way"
    Thanks! Enjoy your week!

  6. Loooooove your videos!!!! You are so adorable!! Where is the music from that you use in this video? Love it!

  7. Love your style. It's very effortlessly chic. I was wondering if you would do a video on your dainty jewelry pieces. I always admire how they add just the right amount of panache to your outfits. Thanks in advance.

  8. Naomi I love your videos but I hate what they are doing to my bank account! you're a relationship beauty so hard not to imitate your style😔

  9. My God girl, you have such a great style!! Could you please make a video on how you edit your instagram pictures and your favorite denim shorts and how to style them? thanks a lot, love your videos 🙂

  10. Love the looks boo! I do that first one with the denim and black dress often, its super easy and cute! Gotta try look two also! xoxo

  11. love the video! Your style is always stunning and you always make it look great! I enjoy your vlogs as well, keep it up 🙂

  12. Can u please do a "how to wear a pencil skirt" in different ways w heels, sandals, wedges and sneakers. please and thank you. Love your videos

  13. Thank you! This is exactly what I was talking about, it's awesome how you take your suscribers comments into consideration!

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