Tales of Zestiria.. Getting started combat basics and using a more simplified battle system.


Here we cover how to over come a very Intense overwhelming battle system . This is mainly for players who are feeling that this battle system may feel impossible to complete the game .

In English

This Game Rocks but the battle system can be a pain in the ass .. I am playing this on the PC and using a PC Controller ..

I do cover some battle basics to get started but then using a more basic way to battle I feel works for me and my old school turn based feel which this game overall is not turn based … But can It !!

By Inputting on the fly skills.. for that TB feel .lets view the video to see 🙂

Thanks again for Watching Wizegamer .. pls feel free to comment and sub up 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Tales of Zestiria.. Getting started combat basics and using a more simplified battle system.

  1. Things not mentioned in video .. or corrections . most basic skills can be inputted by the player during auto mode .to access auto once in battle or in setup is done with the TL Toggle left ..

  2. There is nothing wrong with the battle system, just make it simplified, set up your artes (just make sure you set the higher version of an arte) and for the love of Satan don't use the damn automatic combat system, to me, that's just cheating

  3. I'm really a fan of Berseria but Zestria… I try everything to move right and left in combat but it didn't work lol. After that I was like this: "Looks like it's game that you only move forward and backward while in combat. But they fixed this bullshit in Berseria" So after that I deleted game. 😀

  4. I never knew the english dub is just so terrible… That's why I always played with japanese voice and english sub. Sometimes the translation was wrong too.

  5. I loved the game… with all its complications. I think I loved the complicated stuff more than anything… but this is good information for those who want to play Zestiria but hesitate becoz of the complaints on the battle system… which seem more overwhelming than the difficulty of the game itself…

  6. Hmm. Just started playing Zesteria, after i finished Beseria, and the way combat feels to me in comparison isn't really that it's more confusing, it just sorta feels more, restricted than, Beseria.
    In Beseria it's pretty straight forward, you have 4 attack buttons, and each of those do a combo of up to 4 artes, which you can pick and choose yourself, And blocking and dodging is pretty much the same, just RB/R1 instead og X/Square.
    In Zesteria it's like 2 buttons for attacking(1 for combos and 1 for "special" artes), and perhaps the way you do different combo's are by holding the left stick in a direction, like in Tales of the Abyss maybe?
    And it looks like the combo's just fills out itself as you level.
    Oh and the fact that you need to hold down LT/L2 to free run, instead of it just being default, is something i gotta get used to too.

  7. one of the BETTER/BEST videos out there on zestiria 😀 though I already knew the "Auto" trick. I do find it odd(and kind of sad) that making it auto is an alternative to actually fighting >,> Like in other tales, i LOVED fighting, it was fun, fluid and addicting but in this, I just un-auto for bosses and auto farm everything else, Bandai kinda dropped the ball on zestiria and berseria with combat , idk why they mess it up sooo bad

  8. Hello, if you can answer m'y question, how do i switch à séraphin that isnt in the battle with one in battle ??

  9. Was it really necessary to make a 17 minute video just to tell people to switch everything to auto-play? I appreciate people posting videos about the battle system because I'm looking for more information from someone who understands it better but I watched this for 15 minutes expecting some insight just to be told, "put it on auto-play".

  10. Its so funny that they didn't make this open world battle like FF15 or at least Phantasy Star Portable where monster will be summon by other monsters.

    Thanks for this I was looking for Tales of Legendia 2 sequel.

  11. I never played Zestiria, and I'm lv31 in Tales of Beseria now, and I noticed how all of the equipment / ugprades / combat lingo is nearly all identical!

  12. Lol…

    Hidden Artes are stronger than Martial Artes.
    Seraphic Artes are stronger than Hidden Artes.
    Martial Artes are stronger than Seraphic Artes.


    So… How is Martial Artes not stronger than Hidden Artes?

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