The ugly truth about Super Sport Motorcycles

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29 thoughts on “The ugly truth about Super Sport Motorcycles

  1. I want you all to understand that I have a CBR600RR, I've put more miles on super sports than I have on any other type of motorcycle. I have, and always will have a certain love for those rockets. But I must admit that with my experience of multiple close calls, and issues with law enforcement I have to admit that it's no longer worth it. Not saying I'm getting rid of my super sport, cause I'm not. I'm just trying to show you guys that there is more to riding than going 150 MPH and dragging knee. We can go out and have a really fun time without putting ourselves and others at risk.

  2. I got here from Yammie Noob video talking about this video. You sound like a very reasonable guy. Subscribing. Continue making good vid my fellow squid

  3. Bro I am actually just your brand new subscriber and I am actually very much definitely Canadian citizen bro because I just actually love too ride two wheels bro and even though I have never been a bike before and one day hopefully in my life long before I die I will definitely get a super sport bike bro

  4. This is exactly why I hated the time where animals would just jump out of nowhere to you, even the most tamed dogs which could possibly even poop on roads ( ugh make you clean your tires over and over again). If there were to be gravel, sand or anything like it, I'd be slowing down before I approaching it. Eh, besides, there are barely any cops on the highway or even in my area. I'd be making sure to buy full body gear before my life's gonna be at stake. The less the length, The sharper the turns can be (theoretically speaking). You also forgot weight and where the vehicle is going to be park, which is known as a con if you don't have a garage.

  5. I want one sport bike (and supersport in later years probably, i am still 21 soo yeah) but i dont see point of riding fast, i like the looks of sportbikes, and one thing i like on liter bikes is the power on tap, you have enough power to get out from every danger that happens. I dont want to ride like street Rossi, i want a bike that can pull instant when i need it (comming from me who rides 250cc and got in more than one situation when i needed more power but didnt have it) so next year i am getting 600cc sportbike for start (and when i get better on that and learn to control it, ill swing my leg over 09 R1 with that crossplane sound :3 )

  6. I heard the song before but can't remember it..
    Can anyone please tell me what the song in the end of this video please?

  7. I like your stuff, but I have to disagree, bike's aren't dangerous, people on bike's are Dangerous, it's what we do with them, put a novice on one of these, you most definitely would have a real potential danger, but put a good, experienced, capable rider that can read the road on one of these, and their is no real danger. It's stupid people, making stupid videos that stupid kid's try to emulate that make these dangerous, I'm not talking about you, but other's that seem to survive from much more luck than judgment.

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