Top 10 Best 5v5 MOBA Games for Android | Best MOBA Games for Mobile


Best MOBA games for android and ios 2020.Top 10 best 5v5 MOBA Games for Android. Top 10 5v5 MOBA Games for Android & iOS 2020.
Best MOBA Games for Mobile. In this list, we are going to cover all the best MOBA games which can be downloaded from the play store and Appstore.

I hope you will get some good games to play.

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Games with Download link:

Intro: (0:00)

🎮Marvel Super Wars (0:18)

🎮Garena AOV – Arena of Valor (0:52)

🎮Extraordinary Ones (1:26)

🎮Heroes of Order & Chaos (2:02)

🎮Onmyoji Arena (2:42)

🎮Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game (3:18)

🎮Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (3:52)

🎮Heroes Evolved (4:24)

🎮Vainglory (5:24)

🎮League Of Legends- Wild Rift (6:00)
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34 thoughts on “Top 10 Best 5v5 MOBA Games for Android | Best MOBA Games for Mobile

  1. Vainglory used to be a good game because it was completely different, and seeing a lot of people praise it is pathetic. Living under a rock or clinging on to the past, It's understandable why Vainglory is probably shutting down, lack of any impactful updates and new modes killed the game. It's a little sad because I used to be one of those people that played the game everyday, but eventually I lost interest like a lot of people. Other games like MLBB, Extraordinary Ones, AOV, HE and Onmyoji Arena are doing better but I think HE is going to be one of the ones that goes soon because a lot of players are getting sick of the ptw for a lot of new heroes

  2. lol😆
    vainglory deserve no.1
    if vainglory gives good service then every moba game get flop.and wait and see lol will be lol..we are waiting for nothing.
    humans are always excited to get something new if that is good or bad
    and your top marking totally wrong because lol is not release so it's should not come in here.

  3. this is a true comparison VG is one of the best moba till date no other moba have touch control and better graphics than VG, VG is best. Let's see Wild rift.

  4. 2 times u put aov the shit game 😀

    And marvel game has no global servers only asia and cn 😃 and yeah wild rift int alive yet 😃
    Ty anyway 😩

  5. Great video. I appreciate the attention to detail. Making each game put into a time group was a beautiful touch. Also you had games I hadn't already played. I want LOL to hit Android already.

    Thanks again!

  6. As far as I know Heroes of order and chaos is dead. No more playing games. It seems like nothing is updated and nothing is playing

  7. Number 1 and 2 are all I needed to agree with this top 10… first like on a top 10, and I rarely like vids, even ones I enjoy

  8. Thumbnail honor of kings but not in the list..😂 are you kidding bro. Honor of kings still the best MOBA until now but you don't put it on your list..😂

  9. so i think my question is, why arena of valor is on both spot 9 and 5,
    the game has different publisher but technicaly exactly the same game

  10. Vainglory hands down the best precise controls like no other and graphics better than all of these to bad they never advertised and killed the game

  11. i have played both Mlbb and aov but I must say that all heroes in aov are quite usable unlike MLBB you only like the meta heroes alone…

  12. I really love Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Bcoz i like the game,sometime the nerfs and buffs not so good,but overall ml is a good game.ik there are like matchmaking problem,lag and toxic ppl.Well,we can ignore them and play it!

  13. Vainglory ahh the firts moba that i play and i still be cautivate by him….i play recently like a month but i see unbalanced in his heroes. I don't understand why they said VG is dead. For me is one of the mobas that look unique and i played ML and AoV…

  14. Mobile legend is good but match making is so bad… I'm in mythic 1 star,3 heroes in supreme(hylos,Harley,badang),but I keep matching with epics in rank,n I even met 4 epic in rank match 3 times so i uninstall it

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